Swordtail - Xiphophorus helleri

Origin: Central America
Temperament: Peaceful. Excellent for community tanks or for people new to the hobby
Care: Feed with flakes or algae. Some salt in the water will do the fish good. A lid on your tank is essential for these fish as they jump out often.
Temperature Range: 18-27C
pH: 7-8.3
Potential Size: 10.5cm
Breeding: Swordtails are livebearers. Many plants including floating plants are essential for the survival of the baby Swordtails, as the parents often try to eat their fry. Breeding comes naturally to livebearers, so virtually no effort is needed to breed them. The babies should be removed as soon as they are free swimming to a separate tank to ensure their survival.
Sex: Sex can be easily determined by the male's modified anal fin (gonopodium) and by the male's long extension on the bottom half of the tail fin. Females grow larger and have a more rounded body.

Top : Male
Bottom : Female

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