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Snakeskin Gourami - Trichogaster pectoralis

Origin: South East Asia
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Feed with normal or vegetable flakes. Undemanding and easy to keep. A large surface area is needed
Temperature Range: 23-28C
pH: 6-8.3
Potential Size: 22cm
Breeding: A bubble nest builder. To breed the Snakeskin Gourami, begin by conditioning the pair for a couple of weeks with live or frozen bloodworms. Lower the water level to about fifteen to twenty centimeters. The temperature should be adjusted to 28C and the tank should be well covered, as with all surface fish. The male will wrap himself around the female to squeeze the eggs out, which are then deposited by the male into the nest. Remove the female after spawning
Sex: The dorsal fin of the male is pointed. A female is pictured above.

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