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Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta splendens

Origin: Thailand
Temperament: Generally peaceful. DO NOT keep more than one male fighter in the same tank as they will kill each other. Several females can be kept together. Male Fighters should not be kept with species that have large fins such as the Angelfish.
Care: Feed with flakes. Keep some floating plants in the tank, but do not cover the surface completely. Without access to the air at the surface of the water, the Siamese Fighting Fish will die. Siamese Fighting Fish need quite warm water.
Temperature Range: 24-30C.
pH: 6-8
Potential Size: 6.5cm
Breeding: Not hard to breed if done properly. The Siamese Fighting Fish is a labryrinth fish and therefore builds a nest from bubbles on the surface of the water - make sure there is no current in the water from filters.
Keep the male and female in the same tank with no gravel and in shallow water (up to 15cm), and separate them by placing the female in a floating glass or something similar. Feed the male and female with live foods to condition them. After a few days the male will build a bubble nest. The female should be noticeably larger. When the bubble nest is completed carefully release the female without disturbing the bubble nest and remove the glass. Keep a close eye on the pair. The male will chase and nip at the female until it is too tired to fight back. It will then embrace her only letting go to pick up the falling eggs and place them in the nest. When the female can release no more eggs she must be removed or the male will kill her.
The male should be kept in the breeding tank as it will guard the nest and pick up any falling eggs to replace them in the nest.
Sex: Males have vivid colours and (usually) much larger fins

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