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Paradise Fish - Macropodus opercularis

Origin: Eastern Asia
Temperament: DO NOT keep mature adult males together as they will kill each other. Otherwise peaceful. These fish are not suitable in acommunity aquarium
Care: Feed with flakes or live food. Some hiding places are needed. Cover the tank as the Paradise Fish will jump
Temperature Range: 16-26C
pH: 6-8
Potential Size: 10cm
Breeding: To breed use a medium sized tank and a glass divider. Place male and female on either side of divider . Give the female a thick clump of plants to hide in. Condition them on live foods and raw beef. When the male has built his nest(after about 3-4 days) carefully remove the divider and watch. After they have spawned the female will go and hide in the clump of plants. When this happens remove them both. Feed young on infusoria and later on hard boiled egg yolk stained through a cloth.
Sex: Males are more brightly coloured and have longer fins

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