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Orange Thick Lipped Gourami - Colisa labiosa

Origin: India
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Feed with normal or vegetable flakes. Not demanding and easy to keep. Some hiding places among plants are recommended.
Temperature Range: 23-28C
pH: 6.2-7.8
Potential Size: 8cm
Breeding: A bubble nest builder. The Orange Thick Lipped Gourami makes an extremely large nest on the surface by blowing bubbles. The nest is very fragile and all filters should be turned off prior to the building of the nest. A shallow (<30cm), warm (27C) tank with a thin layer of dark gravel is recommended. Do not remove the parents as the nest is guarded by the male. The eggs are laid by the female when she is squeezed by the male. 
Sex: Males are brighter with an extended dorsal fin.

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