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Dwarf Gourami - Colisa lalia

Origin: Ganges Delta, India
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Feed with flakes. Keep many fine leaved and floating plants in the tank. Regular water changes are recommended
Temperature Range: 23-28C.
pH: 6-7.8
Potential Size: 5cm
Breeding: The species are fairly easy to breed. If you want to breed them, first you need to prepare the male and female by feeding them generous amounts of live, frozen, or freeze dried foods. Then, when the female or becomes very large around the belly, place them in a tank (approx. 50 Liters)with large amounts of any floating plant and divide it by a clear divider, so the fish cannot touch each other. The water should be heated to 28C, biologically setup, and have a good filter already. Next, male will begin to make a bubble nest on the surface of the water out of saliva and air, and his colors will change. When the nest is complete, the male will try to get through the divider and coax the female under his nest. Now you should take out the divider, and allow the male to coax his female under the nest. Eventually, the two will wrap about each other and release fertilized eggs into the nest. When they are finished, remove the female from the tank. In a 36-48 hours, the eggs will hatch; two days later, the young fry will need to be fed. First, remove the male and then feed the fry infusoria. Eventually you may feed them tiny crushed foods.
Sex: Males are brightly coloured, while females are grey

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