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Chocolate Gourami - Sphaerichthys osphromenoides osphromenoides

Origin: Sumatra, Borneo, Malay Peninsula
Temperament: Timid. Should not be kept with very active or aggressive species
Care: Feed with live bloodworms and brine shrimp. The Chocolate gourami will accept frozen food in an ideal tank, but flakes will be ignored. This is a very difficult fish to keep, prone to diseases and poor water quality. You must maintain perfect water conditions in a mature, planted tank to prevent bacterial infections and skin diseases. Keep these fish only if you can provide the right conditions, and keep them steady. The Chocolate Gourami requires consistent parameters to remain healthy. Soft water is essential.
Temperature Range: 25-27C
pH: 6-7
Potential Size: 5cm
Breeding: To initiate breeding, use peat extract and a pH 0f 6.2. Reduce the water level and raise the water temperature gradually over two days by 2C. Then add some cooler water to the tank. When spawning, the female will hold the eggs in her mouth for 14 days, during which she does not eat, therefore she must be in prime condition.
Sex: The male has a yellow border along the edge of it's fins

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