Zebra Pleco - Hypancistrus zebra

Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil, South America.
Temperament: Peaceful, does not do well with aggressive fish
Care: The Zebra Pleco is not a herbivore and will not eat algae. Feed foods such as frozen blood worms and brine shrimp. A rocky aquascape much like an Malawi Cichlid tank. Caves and hiding places are recommended
Temperature Range: 23-27C
pH: 6-7.5
Potential Size: 9cm
Breeding: Long PVC tubes should be placed in the tank with one end buried into the substrate. Place some slate and other rocks on top of these tubes. A high flow filter is essential and spawning is induced by a partial water change with cooler water.
Sex: The first ray of the pectoral fin of a mature male will have more bristles than that of the mature female.

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