Whiptail - Rineloricaria fallax

Origin: Paraguay, South America
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Sensitive to poor water quality. The whiptail comes from shallow, fast flowing streams, so some water movement is required. Broad leaved plants are recommended and are rarely damaged. Some driftwood is also recommended. Feed with zucchini and sinking algae pellets in the evening . As with most catfish, the Whiptail is nocturnal.
Temperature Range: 18-26C
pH: 5.8-7.8
Potential Size: 15cm
Breeding: Difficult. Perfect water conditions are required, along with plenty of food. Make sure the food is eaten though, as any left to waste will degrade the water quality. A long, shallow (15-25cm deep) breeding tank should be set up, with very fine gravel. Some hollow logs/tubing are essential as the eggs are laid in these and then guarded by the male. The fry are hard to raise, and in their first few weeks should be fed young brine shrimp

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