Twig Catfish - Farlowella acus

Origin: Amazon River, South America
Temperament: Peaceful, inactive, timid, shy. Often will get picked on by aggressive fishes.
Care: Algae. Also other prepared green foods such as cucumber spinach, etc. Make sure they get enough food. If they grow very thin, and restlessly look for food, they are not getting enough algae. The Twig Catifish needs stable water conditions, and GH 3-11. This is generally a short lived fish.
Temperature Range: 24-27C
pH: 6-7.5
Potential Size: 14cm
Breeding: Spawn at night or early morning. 30-60 eggs are laid, usually on the glass. Male guard eggs until they hatch. The incubation period is 10 days at 26C so fungusing is a problem. Overcome this by adding methylene blue to the water after the eggs are laid. Lighting should be not be too bright.
Sex: Males have more broad snout, with tiny bristles on it.

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