Pictus Catfish - Pimelodus pictus

Origin: South America.
Temperament: Grows aggressive with age. Will eat small fish like neons.
Care: Will feed from the bottom. Earthworms every now and then provide these fish with an excellent source of protein.

Be careful of the sharp dorsal spine when handling. As the Pictus Catfish has no scales, it is susceptible to white spot, though try not to use traditional medications. Traditional white spot medications such as those that contain methylene blue are detrimental to scaleless fish. To combat white spot in Pictus Catfish add one teaspoon of non-iodised salt per four litres of water and raise the temperature to 29C for 48 hours while not feeding the fish.

Temperature Range: 21-26C
pH: 5.5-7.5
Potential Size: 20cm
Breeding: Cannot be bred
Sex: Cannot be determined

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