Corydoras similis

Origin: South America.
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Feed with sinking flakes, pellets or freeze dried food. Not hard to keep. A small, smooth substrate is required with a few caves for hiding.
Temperature Range: 20-26C
pH: 6.5-7.5
Potential Size: 5cm
Breeding: Not easy. A ratio of two females to each male helps. The simultaneous addition of freshwater and reduction in temperature can often instigate breeding. Corydoras usually breed in the early morning or evening. The eggs are held in the pelvic fins of the female until she can find a spot to place the eggs.
To initiate breeding, remove around 70-80% of the water. Slowly add fresh water back into the tank over the next few hours, but at a reduced temperature of about 21C. A watering can is excellent for this as it simulates rain. Over the next few days slowly increase the temperature to 25C. This is when the eggs are laid. If the eggs are infertile, wait a few weeks and repeat the exercise using warmer water, say around 23C. Remove the parents after spawning.
Sex: Females are larger than males

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