Corydoras barbatus

Origin: Brazil, South America
Temperament: Peaceful
Care: Corydoras Barbatus will feed from the waste food on the bottom on the tank, helping to combat tank pollution. Be careful though - make sure there is enough food on the gravel for the catfish. A mature tank is recommended as this species is prone to new tank syndrome.
Temperature Range: 22-26C
pH: 6.5-7.5
Potential Size: 12cm
Breeding: Not difficult. One of the few species of Corydoras that can be bred in an aquarium. Use a pH of 6.5 and temperature 26C. Also try raising the temperature of the tank to 28C for a few days and then lowering the temperature back to 26C, changing 25% of the water. The eggs are usually deposited on the glass. Remove the parents after spawning.
Sex: Males can be distinguished by the bristles on their cheeks during breeding contions. Fin spines are also usually longer in males.

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