Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus dolichopterus

Origin: Amazon River, South America
Temperament: Peaceful, and quite sociable. Excellent for community tanks. Males may fight if the tank is to small.
Care: Good filtration and hiding places are needed.The Bristlenose Catfish will feed from the algae on the glass and the bottom of the tank, and sometimes from dead fish lying on the bottom. Larger specimens need algae based sinking tablets. A chunk of boiled pumpkin instead of the catfish sinking pellets can also be given from time to time.
Temperature Range: 15-27C
pH: 5.8-7.8
Potential Size: 15cm
Breeding: Easily bred. Do not remove the parents as the male guards the eggs. The eggs are laid in the male's hiding place and take about five days to hatch. Use a pH of around 6.8
Sex: Can be determined by longer bristles on mature males. Male become mature when they have reached about 7-8cm. Males grow faster, and are wider than females. To choose a pair from a group, it is often best to choose the smallest as it is most likely the female and the largest for the male.

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