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The Maltese is a little, spirited dog with a beautiful long and silky white coat. Occasionally these dogs will have fawn or lemon markings on their hanging ears. They stand about eight inches high, and are a light six or seven pounds. In addition, these dogs have dark eyes, a black nose, and a tail that is long-haired and carried over their back.

The Maltese is a gentle, playful, spirited toy. They are considered one of the brightest of their kind, and enjoy participating in all family events. They need lots of personal attention, and do not require lots of outside time. These dogs are very responsive to training, and will anything to remain the object of your family's affections. They make fine pets for novice owners as well as for the elderly.

The Maltese is believed to have originated on the Mediterranean island of Malta where it was a house pet of wealthy families. However, some experts have suggested that this breed actually originated in Asia and comes from a much older line of dogs. Although its exact breed line is not known, these dogs are believed to be derived from either the spaniel or the bichon family.
Fun things to do:
The Maltese loves attention, but too much pampering can cause behavioral problems. Playing games that treat this dog like the intelligent, hardy breed it is a perfect fun-time activity.

Obedience training and/or classes are recommended for the benefit of both owner and pet. Some owners are involved with conformation showing and like to compete in the breed ring.

Health Risks:
The Maltese is susceptible to slipped stiffle, eye infections, teeth and gum weaknesses and hypoglycemia. You should also include some dry food in your Maltese's diet as canned food alone can cause special health problems in this breed.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
The Maltese requires a lot of personal attention, and does not like to be in competition for your family's affection. This dog is not recommended for families with young children. In addition, if these dogs are pampered too much, they will become snappy and overbearing. They may also have some difficulty adjusting to strangers. And finally, the Maltese can be noisy and hard to housebreak.

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