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French Bulldog

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Not a rare breed, although not that common either. Bodies are similar to a Bulldog, but less exaggerated. The jaw is undershot but not in the same degree as the Bulldog. The face is not as wrinkled as the Bulldog. The ears should always be Bat.

French Bulldogs come in a gorgeous array of colors and are excellent pets in either apartments or homes. In fact, they are comfortable as city dogs or country dwellers.

These dogs love long car drives or long walks. They are easily trained to obey commands. Make great therapy dogs.

This dog is good for novice owners for a couple reasons. First, they are very clean when kept inside the house. Second, the need very little exercies outside. And third, they bark very little.

Don't be worried if your French Bulldog makes wheezing sounds and gulps in air, this is natural for the breed.

Originated in the mid 1800's when lace workers from England took their small bulldogs to France. These little dogs became very popular in the farming areas. They made good "ratters" and loyal family companions. Consequently, their popularity began to swell.
Fun things to do:
They like to go on long slow walks with human companions. DO NOT TAKE THEM SWIMMING. FRENCH BULLDOGS ARE UNABLE TO SWIM.
Health Risks:
Can suffer from back and spinal diseases, Von Willebrand's Disease (like hemophilia), thyroid conditions, and most commonly soft or cleft palates.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
These bulldogs cannot be outdoor dogs due to their intolerance to extreme temperatures. They may not be suitable for young children, as they tend to play quite rough. This breed needs plenty of attention, donít ignore them. They're also fairly expensive to purchase and maintain. It's difficult for them to give birth, and when they do, the litter size is small.

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