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Fox Terrier

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A bold, energetic dog, the Smooth Fox Terrier is the most impulsive of the terriers. They will easily adapt to any home as long as attention is given to the dog. The Smooth Fox Terrier sheds a little and is good with children. It is a very playful dog that may require a bit of patience from humans while training.

Protective, loving, and easily adaptable to many environments it's easy to see why many people love this breed. Fox Terriers are a hardy breed, and are not as susceptible to hip dysplasia as other breeds. They also have very little shedding and if brushed weekly, do not have a "doggy" odor. Overall, this is a clean and well mannered house dog.

Very high activity level, both indoors and out. Fox Terriers make excellent watch dogs and can be suspicious of strangers. They may tend to guard their food or toys, bark excessively or dig destructively in undesirable places.

Smooth Fox Terrier developed earlier than the Wire Fox Terrier. It probably emerged from crosses of the Beagle, Bull Terrier, Greyhound and an older smooth-coated black and tan terrier. Originated in Great Britain where they were used for hunting fox. The standard was set in 1876 by Francis Redmond.
Fun things to do:
This is a high activity dog who loves to run, dig and bark. Fox Terriers are quick, tenacious and tireless with lightning-speed reactions. Because they were originally bred to hunt, Fox Terriers may put small neighborhood animals, such as rabbits, rats, etc., at risk.
Health Risks:
These are a long-lived breed, generally living for 12-15 years. Generally considered to be a healthy dog, Fox Terriers may be more likely to experience deafness (especially all white dogs). Also, be sure to check for glaucoma, cataracts, skin conditions or heart disease as the dog ages.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
All white breeds have a higher incidence of deafness. They can be stubborn and mischievous if not properly trained. Watch out for your garden, they love to bark and dig. In addition, they may be aggressive with other dogs due to their high 'prey' drive.

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