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Doberman Pinscher

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The Doberman is a medium-sized, powerful dog. It has a wedge shaped head, well arched neck smooth fitting shoulders, and a strong topline. These dogs have a short, hard black or dark brown coat, but they may also be fawn or steel blue in color. They always have rust markings above their eyes, on their muzzle, throat, chest, legs and feet, and below his tail. 

These dogs can adapt to the city, if given enough physical and mental exercise, and plenty of obedience training. They require very little trimming or clipping, and their short, sleek coat requires only a quick weekly brushing. If accustomed to people at an early age, they can be good family pets. However, many are simply one-person dogs. They can be good with children if raised with them. In addition, these dogs have a very high energy level, and make the ideal companion for the active, experienced owner.

The Doberman Pinscher was developed in Germany by Louis Dobermann from various guard dogs and terriers. Herr Louis was a policeman as well as the local dogcatcher, and combined a number of different breeds to create a loyal, obedient, fiercely protective dog to accompany him on his nightly rounds. Oddly enough, Pinscher actually means "terrier," but today's Doberman bears no physical or temperamental resemblance to a terrier. These dogs are most often used as guard dogs, military dogs, Schutzhund dogs, home guardians and companions.
Fun things to do:
It is important to avoid aggressive games, such as tug-of-war and wrestling. The Doberman can become fiercely protective. It has a very instinctual need to protect and guard, which cannot be socialized out of this breed. Therefore, games that require intelligence and skill are best, such as obedience and agility competitions.

The sports of Shutzhund and Conformation Showing are two common Doberman activities. A few Dobes have done well in tracking and herding competitions, and some even like to retrieve.

Health Risks:
Dobermans are susceptible to hip dysplasia, von Willebrand's Disease, bloat, immune- deficiency disorders, severe heart disease, and thyroid and liver disorders.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
This breed is sensitive, and should not be hit nor severely scolded, lest they become aggressive and resentful. They are also active dogs and, although they can make good city pets, can become restless if not given something to do. They also tend to aggressive with other dogs, especially other male dogs. Their instinct as watchdogs often makes them leery of strangers. In addition, these dogs will bite if hit or startled. If you buy a Doberman from a bad breeder, you could wind up with a sickly or aggressive Doberman, so be especially careful.

Dobermans can become very protective of the children in their household and may mistake play for danger when friends are visiting. Supervision is a must when a Doberman is around any children or around people not living in the household with the Dobe.

If not given enough exercise both mentally and physically, this breed can develop all sorts of behavior problems.


Breeders with Websites


Breeders without Websites

Doberman Rescue
J Meulemans : Tel : 033-212-2330

The Doberman Club
Maria Kruse Tel : 011-782-2719

Donne Lucas Tel : 082-800-3507

Sharon Blades Tel : 031-765-4286

Gail Green Tel : 082-806-4008

GJ Knight Tel : 021-882-2006

JC Pieters  Tel : 082-552-3720

Caroline Barclay Tel : 011-967-2350

International Breeders

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