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With its low, long body and short legs, the Dachshund appears well-balanced, confident, and alert. There are, in fact, six varieties of this breed, including the Standard and the Wirehaired. With its stretched appearance, this dog often resembles a hot dog with legs, and is often called the "wiener dog." However, this little dog is very brave and alert, and is still sometimes used to hunt rabbit, although he is mostly a companion.

The Dachshund is curious and playful, bold, and adaptable. This dog is wonderful in the city, but likes its walks and makes for an excellent traveling companion. In addition, this dog does well with other animals and is responsive to firm, patient training. However, it can occasionally disobey with a comical sense of humor. This breed makes for an excellent watchdog and faithful companion even for the novice owner.

The Dachshund was originally a badger hunter in Germany. In fact, the dog received its name from its hunting inclination, dach being German for "badger," and hund translates as "dog." After its hunting stint in the German forests in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Dachshund became a popular breed in late 19th century United States. Today there are six types of Dachshunds, coming from two sizes (miniature and standard). For each size, there is a smooth-coated, a longhaired, and a wirehaired.
Fun things to do:
Do not play aggressive games with your Dachshund, for the dog can snap if provoked. However, this dog loves to travel, either car or by foot, so take your pooch with you on the road for an enjoyable outing for both of you!

Obedience training and/or classes can be very rewarding for both dog and owner, but do not expect your Dachshund to be perfect as they have an independent nature.

Earthdog trials and tests are fun events for those who enjoy the functions for which this breed was developed.

Health Risks:
The primary problem for the Dachshund is spinal disc injuries, incurred mostly from jumping off furniture. However, other health concerns include diabetes, urinary stones, eye disorders, skin conditions, and heart disease.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
The Dachshund will snap if harshly disciplined or punished, but will also demand to be into everything to satisfy its instinctual curiosity. In addition, this dog likes to dig and bark, and can be hard to housebreak. It is also advised that you don't play aggressive games with your Dachshund, like tug-o-war or wrestling.

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