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Collie (Rough)

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The Collie is a lively, responsive, medium-sized dog. A wonderful combination of speed, grace, and intelligence, this dog is a well-balanced specimen.

The Collie is a very family oriented dog, and they love children. They are quick learners, and love the outdoors. Collies are great athletes, and are great companions for the active, athletic owner. In addition, they are excellent obedience dogs and respond well to proper training. They also make excellent watchdogs.

While some breeders believe that the Collie was brought to the British Isles by Roman conquerors in the middle of the first century, A.D., the Collie's evolution in the highlands of Scotland and Northern Europe is universally acknowledged as historical fact. These dogs were used for both hunting and herding duties. Rough Collies came to London after 1860 from Scotland to farmer's markets in Birmingham following the development of the railroad. Queen Victoria (1837-1901) fell in love with the breed on visits to her Scottish retreat, serving as catalyst for the Collie's rise from working dog to canine aristocracy.
Fun things to do:
Lots of exercise for this breed as Collies require up to four walks a day. Bred as a herd dog, the Collie is still quite capable of running 40 miles a day, so take your pet with you on your next marathon run! (Or even your next 2 mile jog.)
Health Risks:
Collies can be infected with several, severe health problems. These include dermatomyositis (an auto-immune skin disorder), collie eye anomaly, progressive retinal atrophy, nodular granulomatous episclerokeratitis (immune mediated disorder affecting the eye), and hip dysplasia.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
Collies can become bored if not given enough attention, usually barking or digging up things if not checked. If corrected too many times, however, these dogs become stubborn and will not respond well to authority. Avoid Collies from pet stores and back yard breeders, as these dogs are notorious for eye and other problems.

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