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This is a medium sized dog that comes in two color varieties: all white and colored. To show the breed, the colored varieties are preferably brindle, black and tan, or fawn with white markings on the head, chest, neck, feet and tip of tail. Bull Terriers need plenty of exercise but can live in the city or country. They can be very aggressive with other dogs, so it is important to keep them on the leash.

The bull terrier is the cavalier gladiator — a good-looking tough character. It is strongly built and muscular, longer than it is tall. Its muscle mass combined with its relatively low center of gravity make it difficult for opponents to knock it off its feet. Its distinctive head not only shows off its keen and determined expression, but also its great jaw strength. Its gait is smooth and easy. Its skin is tight, and its coat short, flat and harsh.

They were dogfighters, but it is NOT the Pit Bull Terrier. The ferocity of the Pit Bull has been bred out of the Bull Terrier.

Bull-baiting and dog fighting were long considered great entertainment by many Europeans, and patrons were constantly trying crosses to achieve the ultimate fighting dog. Around 1835, a cross between a bulldog and the old English terrier produced a particularly adept pit dog known as the “bull and terrier.” A later cross to the Spanish pointer added needed size, and the result was a tenacious, strong, yet agile dog that came to dominate the pits. As interest in the exhibition of dogs grew in England, little attention was paid to these dogs so long associated with the lower echelons of society. With the abolition of dog fighting, however, some bull terrier patrons turned to this new venue to compete with their dogs, and they began to breed for appearance. Around 1860 James Hinks crossed the bull and terrier with the White English terrier and the Dalmatian, producing an all-white strain he called bull terriers. The new all-white strain immediately succeeded in the ring and captured the attention of the public; they became a fashionable companion for young gentlemen who wanted a good-looking masculine dog at their sides. The dogs gained the reputation for defending themselves, but not provoking a fight, and were thus dubbed “the white cavalier.” The dogs gradually became more streamlined, and the bull terrier’s distinctive head evolved. Their comical nature and expression wins them many friends, and they have proven to be very successful in movies and advertising.

Fun things to do:
Bull Terriers are very active dogs. They love to play with almost anything, so it is important to provide them with large suitable play objects. Do not give them old shoes because they may assume that any shoes are their playthings.
What we like about this breed:
This breed is intelligent and often witty. They are considered to be not only friendly and people-loving, but also strong, agile and courageous. Due to their short-coat, they also have low grooming requirements. They are very devoted to their owners.
Health Risks:
They are susceptible to inherited diseases, patella problems and skin problems.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
Due to their bulkiness and strength, Bull Terriers can overpower young children in their play. They can be very aggressive toward other pets, and will chase or hunt smaller pets such as cats or small dogs. Sometimes considered to have a stubborn personality, Bull Terriers always assume the dominant position. In extreme cases, some become possessive or jealous of their families. Keep them busy as they become destructive when board.
Temperament : 
Exuberant, comical, playful, assertive and very mischievous describes the bull terrier. It is an imaginative breed that often sees things its own way and is stubborn to the end. It needs daily physical and mental exercise lest it exercise its powerful jaws on your home. For all its tough bravado, this is an extremely sweet-natured, affectionate and devoted breed. It can be aggressive with other dogs and small animals.
Upkeep : 
The bull terrier needs to be entertained, either with a good exercise session or mental stimulation every day — preferably both. This is an active breed that enjoys a good run, but it is best to run it only in a safe area. Coat care is minimal.
Misc : 
This is not the dog for everyone. If you are going to get one, be sure that you want a headstrong, aggressive dog in your home before acquiring a Bull Terrier. Also, be forewarned, they will eat absolutely anything.

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Bedlam Bullies
Boromir Bull Terriers
Corsaire Bull Terriers
Lionheart Bull Terriers

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