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The Briard is a French dog used for herding and guarding. He has a medium to long coat which comes in grey, black, tawny, or a combination of those colors. This is an independent breed that needs obedience training and exercise. 

They do not shed very much at all but their hair keeps growing. Because of this, they require a lot of grooming. Briards also like to receive attention from their family, but are generally aloof with strangers.

A herding and guarding dog developed in France over a thousand years ago.
Fun things to do:
Briard can be used for herding, although they are used to contain rather then chase. Schutzhund is also a possible activity for the serious owner and enthusiast. Talk to some experienced Briard owners about other possible activities that breed may be suitable for.
Health Risks:
Overall a healthy breed, but hip dysplasia is the major concern. Any Briard used for breeding should have its hips checked and cleared. Bloat, cancer, PRA, allergies, autoimmune thyroiditis, von Willebrand's disease, and night blindness are concerns that should be openly discussed with the breeder.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
Briards can be hard to train unless a lot of patience and non-punishing techniques are used. This breed should be trained and needs attention from its owner(s), this is not a good outside dog. May not be good around kids unless well socialized and trained, then all interaction should be supervised as Briards may nip at children as though to herd them. Some individual Briards may be aggressive towards other dogs that it is unfamiliar with. Some Briads have poor temperaments, as do individuals from all breeds, but make sure the parent dogs of your pup have proper and correct temperament.

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