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Boston Terrier

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Lively and very intelligent with a short smooth coat, a compact body, and a short tail. They have a rounded head with a somewhat flattened face. Their coats are often colored in colors of brindle, seal or black marked with white.

Boston Terriers are easy to live with and can love apartment life or large open country. Boston Terriers are easy to train and want to please their owners. They like to live in people-houses because they can't stand temperature variations.

They are good watchdogs who like a lot of activity, and typically bond to the entire family. In general, they are quite good with children and other pets with whom they are familiar. Those who own Boston Terriers often say that they would own no other breed.

Bred in America, a cross between Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. The founding fanciers were located in Boston, but unlike the name, the dog does not exhibit any terrier-like qualities.
Fun things to do:
Playful and high-spirited, they love to play games and especially like to chase any kind of ball. They are friendly, spirited companions that love to go for walks with you.
Health Risks:
Hypothyroidism can be a problem, but can be treated with medication. Juvenile cataracts can also occur between 8 and 12 months of age. Also, because of their shortened nasal passages, some dogs can be more prone to allergy or sinus problems than the average dog. But, in general, Boston Terriers are free of most health problems.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
These dogs don't handle temperature variation very well, so they must have sweaters and possibly booties on in the winter. They also tend to snore. In some Boston's you'll have to watch the diet carefully to avoid a lot of gas or chronic intermittent diarrhea. Some are aggressive with other dogs and some can be stubborn.

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