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Although they may appear fragile, this breed is actually rugged and tough. The Borzoi is a tall lean dog that resembles a Greyhound with long hair. Their coat can vary from long and silky to coarse and curly. All colors and patterns are acceptable, but white with spots is most common. This breed is slow to mature.

The Borzoi is a gentle and loving companion, and a well behaved member of the household. This dog can be shy or seem aloof; proper puppy socialization can prevent these types of problems. They can be good with children if introduced to them properly, or if they live with kids. Both dog and child should be watched over during times of interaction, some individuals shy away from loud and rough play.

They generally enjoy the company of other large dogs and they are intelligent. Borzoi's can learn quickly but also bore quickly in the repetition of competition. As adults, they are generally a very quiet and calm breed in the house. The Borzoi does not give off a very "doggy" odor like many other breeds.

Comes from Czarist Russia where he was owned by the aristocracy who used the dog to hunt. The Borzoi ran down wolves and other prey into open terrain while the humans followed on horseback. He has been used in America to run down coyotes but is primarily a companion.
Fun things to do:
Borzois love to run and play, but not necessarily play games like fetch. They tend to fetch and not give the object back.
Health Risks:
Generally healthy, but the two biggest concerns are bone cancer and bloat/torsion. This breed sometimes experiences problems with progressive retinal atrophy, cardiomyopathy, and hypothyroidism.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
This breed loves to run and chase, which can mean hazardous conditions for small pets and wildlife. If startled or hurt, this breed will sometimes lash out in defense. This is a major concern around children, especially for those Borzois who do not live with children. Due to their inherent nature to run and chase, this is one breed who can never be trusted off leash in areas where traffic occurs. Although very intelligent, this is a breed who gets bored easily and can be difficult to train.

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