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Border Collie

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Very energetic dog who is always in motion. They have a medium coat with longer hair on the chest, stomach, legs and tail. They are usually black and white but can be gray and white or blue and white. Some have tan shadings.

Loves to be outside and can be used for herding or obedience classes. Bored Border Collies are destructive Border Collies. When confined or left alone, they will chew destructively and bark excessively.

This breed is very capable of understanding obedience work. Also, Border Collies enjoy activity with the owner, especially if it means they get to be outdoors. They thrive on attention, are very affectionate and are people-oriented.

Comments about this breed often describe it's admirable working style, high energy, stamina and constant desire to work above all else. They are "heading" dogs rather than "heelers".

Bred for endurance, can run for miles at a time. They will herd almost anything including livestock, birds, cats, children, bugs, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, brooms...anything that moves.

Originated in the border country between Scotland and England. Border Collie is a very old breed, dating back to 1570. It has been known as the Working Collie, Old-Fashioned Collie, Farm Collie and the English Collie. They were named after the Colley Sheep. They have Pointer/Setter genes which may have produced their famous "eye"--the hypnotic stare as they crouch low and creep up on whatever they are herding.
Fun things to do:
Keep in mind they are VERY active. Border Collies always want to be doing something. They are very intelligent and excel in obedience and agility work.

Love to play fetch and chase games, and won't tire as fast as you. When playing, make it hard for the Border Collie to find the ball/stick/etc. This makes it more fun the dog. They also enjoy games like flyball, Frisbee, tracking exercises, and of course herding. Border Collies also like to swim, if they are encouraged to do so at a young age.

Health Risks:
About 25% of Border Collies in the US have some degree of disorder such as hip dysplasia, eye problems and epilepsy. They can also be susceptible to osteochondritis desicans, PRA, Collie Eye Anomaly, Canaine Ceroid Lipfuscinosis, Deafness, Hyperthermia, sensitivity to anesthetics.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
They can be slow to mature and can turn into real nuisances if not properly trained or socialized. Due to their herding instincts, they will chase or herd anything...even cars. It is important to be watchful and not let them get onto roads.

Must be supervised around children. They don't make reliable guard dogs. They may bark and act protective of their families, but would prefer to herd.


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