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Large to giant sized dog that loves the outdoors. They are enthusiastic and rambunctious, and belong in the country where they can be outside. They are black and tan, red and tan or solid tan in color. Their coat is hard and needs only a quick brush once in a while.

A friendly breed, often very good with children. As is their trademark, they are wonderful scenters and trackers. Also, they have a determined personality, once they've got the scent, they are almost impossible to shake off a trail. Even though this breed makes wonderful trackers, they are not attack dogs and should not be expected to be your guard dog.

Originated in Mediterranean area near Rome. St. Hubert (patron saint of hunters)and his monks are said to have had a hand in developing this breed. They have been trained to trail lost children, disoriented elderly, or vicious criminals.
Fun things to do:
Love to be outdoors, especially where they can sniff, track or hunt. Any activities that involve tracking are good ideas.
Health Risks:
Susceptible to hip dysplasia, bloat, entropion, allergies and some eyelid abnormalities.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
Careful, this is a sniffer and explorer, and should not be let off the leash! They will not leave a trail once they pick it up. In addition, they can be noisy and are extremely expressive with their voices: baying, howling and barking are their specialties.

Also be warned, this breed has very active saliva glands and can fling saliva over 20 feet!


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