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The Beagle is a good natured, gentle and cheerful dog. They love to explore and should be kept on a leash if out and about. The Beagle gets along with strangers as well as other animals. This is a very energetic little hound who needs plenty of companionship.

These dogs are intelligent and generally content companions. They are fairly clean and don't require frequent baths. In addition, if these dogs are properly socialized, they bond well to family members, and especially to children. Few beagles will act aggressively towards strange people or dogs once introduced, especially when well socialized.

Beagles love to spend time with their family, and are happiest when they can.

Beagles are considered one of the oldest breeds, and came to prominence in the days of King Henry the VII in England. Their exact ancestry is clouded, but it is estimated that they originated in Greece and France. In those days, hunting dogs rode to the fields in baskets on the saddles of horses. Beagles were bred for rabbit hunting and can successfully hunt almost any upland game animal including pheasants.
Fun things to do:
Beagles love to be with their human companions. They thrive on activity. They can tolerate long walks or even running. Because they are hunters by nature, beagles will sniff and track almost anything while outside. It is important to watch your beagle because they tend to loose focus while tracking with their noses to the ground.
Health Risks:
Watch for the following health problems in you Beagle: Cherry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal dysplasia & PRA in the eyes. Epilepsy is fairly prevalent in beagles as well, often times causing seizures. In addition, hypothyroidism (a condition of the thyroid gland causing weight gain, poor coat quality, and reproductive problems) is common in this breed.
Things to watch out for with this breed:
Beagles are inquisitive dogs that are easily distracted by their explorations. They must be watched very carefully if not leashed while outdoors because they roam. Active beagles will "eat themselves to death" so to speak, and it is important to watch your dog for obesity problems. Sometimes hard to train, especially housetrain. Many beagles need constant obedience sessions until they are two years old. Beagles will bark and howl quite a bit, specifically when they are left alone.

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